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Hi All,

I'm creating some collateral material for a series of resorts. The parent company has a style guide that indicates using Avenir and New Aster. Since the pieces will be printed in the field and by people with no design experience I have to use MicroSoft Word and I am limited to the fonts bundled with that program. A buyout is occurring so perhaps in the future the parent company will purchase the needed fonts, however at the moment I am stuck and on a tight deadline. Would someone please point me in the direction of a good site that will help me compare and contrast typefaces so I can select a suitable replacement or even better can some of the Typophile experts make some suggestions? I would greatly appreciate your help.

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So I've been searching the Typophile site and I think Century Gothic may be a suitable alternative for Avenir but I still need help with New Aster, again I need to stick with MicroSoft Word bundled fonts, any suggestions?

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Could you list the fonts you do have access to?

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This is what comes bundled with MicroSoft Word:

Arial, Arial Black, Arial Black Italic, Arial Bold, Arial Bold Italic, Arial Italic,
Arial Narrow, Arial Narrow Bold, Arial Narrow Bold Italic, Arial Narrow Italic,
Arial Unicode MS, v0.84[info]
Book Antiqua, Book Antiqua Bold, Book Antiqua Bold Italic, Book Antiqua Italic,
Bookman Old Style, Bookman Old Style Bold, Bookman Old Style Bold Italic, Bookman Old Style Italic,
Comic Sans MS, Comic Sans MS Bold, v2.00[info]
Courier New, Courier New Bold, Courier New Bold Italic, Courier New Italic,
Garamond, Garamond Bold, Garamond Italic,
Haettenschweiler, v2.10[info]
Impact, v2.30[info]
Map Symbols, v1b[info]
Monotype Corsiva, v2.30[info]
MS Mincho, v2.30[info]
MS Outlook, v1.10[info]
MT Extra, v3.01[info]
PMingLiU, v3.00[info]
SimSun, v2.10[info]
Symbol, v1.60[info]
Tahoma, Tahoma Bold, v2.30[info]
Times New Roman, Times New Roman Bold, Times New Roman Bold Italic, Times New Roman
Trebuchet MS, Trebuchet MS Bold, Trebuchet MS Bold Italic, Trebuchet MS Italic,
Verdana, Verdana Bold, Verdana Bold Italic, Verdana Italic, v2.35[info]
Wingdings, Wingdings 2, Wingdings 3, v1.50[info]

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Tough choices. :^) I think I would suggest Book Antiqua and Arial.

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Alternately you may be able to license TTF versions of the fonts with 'editable embedding' that way the guys in the field could do limited data-entry using embedded fonts.

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