Cooper, tyke, sauna inspired new e.

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I was just wondering... perhaps a bit early... what you think about my new letter e (my first self made letter e that is). A few months ago I worked quite a lot with the cooper, tyke and sauna typefaces and found myself drawing this e last week in the train.

I used the little serif of the e to make the serifs of the other letters quickly in illustrator, but I was just wondering what you think of this e. =)))

Hmz.. knowing what other people post here I know this is not much... but I was just wondering if this would make a happy little alphabet that is worth pursuing further...

Thanks (as always) for your feedback! =)

Ave a nice day!

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hmz... Is it really that bad or should i have made up a nicer story to go with the e to get some replies?

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hmz... I'll continue with it a bit further and perhaps ask again at a later time. =)

Think left.

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It's hard to tell the character of the alphabet from only a few letters, how the strokes vary and what the specific features of the font might be...maybe try a few more letters, then it will be easier to give suggestions.
It looks like it might be suitable for cartoony computer games...was that the idea?

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It makes me think of chocolate cookies with jellowy stuff on could be fun for a small cake shop, especially if you keep the weird blurby character of it.

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Hi... sorry for the extremely late reply.
I haven't had time to work on it for a long time. So no updates for now. I thought I'd receive emails when people would reply, so I haven't checked this post anymore since I didn't get any updates in my mail.
But it's nice to see that some people did reply to the post.

Very much appreciated.
Bendy I was just randomly drawing while sitting in the train to work and this letter was what I ended up with when I reached the last station. I didn't have any idea what to use it for (still don't)... I just thought that if I'd start drawing and making my own alphabet it would be a good learning curve to type design.

Thanks Flösser! Perhaps someday I will finish it and you never know... Maybe someday it might be used on something (although the company would have to be a "good" company... with good people and friendly animals and all that... I like those sorts of companies) =)

anyway... sorry for the late reply.. and tnx for taking the time to write something about my e =)



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