OVERLOCK - New font from Tipo

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May 12, 2008,Tipo released Overlock, a font designed by Darío Muhafara. Seven styles in OTF format.
Know more about it at www.tipo.net.ar/overlock

Eduardo Tunni

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The link is not working, Eduardo.

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needs the ".html"


Nice face. A bit of an Oz Cooper feel.

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Really like it. Nice one.

('Overlock' will also be featured within my 'Type releases, worth noting.' series, in may. ;) By the way the '@' of 'Titulata' has to be the most fabulous one I ever saw. Just great.)


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Thanks to all for your words about Overlock and others.

Eduardo Rodríguez Tunni

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Nice -- reminds me of Souvenir, Goudy Sans and Auto, without feeling derivative of any of them. And I get the Cooper reference, too, Ken.

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