Music please

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in a random rotation:

Paul van Dyk

Bomb the Bass

Future Sound of London




Sainkho Namtchylak

Funny van Dannen

Blues Brothers
Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill

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Well, working in a library rather limits my choices. I tried low volume Air America, but was chastised for it.

Luckily my wife stumbled across this page:

Where you can download 24 hours of music. Beethoven's 9th symphony stretched (not slowed) to 24 hours. It's tres tres ambient, I bet Eno is all over it. Very soothing, yet kinda eerie too.

David Roughs

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sometimes i like to listen sounds designed by myself while workin.. to remind emotion of that time..

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If you are interested in electronic music
please subscribe to the newsletter of my friend
Davide Barbieri at
we live in the same city and we used to play together;
I`ve been djing for 5 years in our particular rap band,
and now doing studio scratches every now and again.
The site is designed by Davide Barbieri
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what? no brittney? no justin? no madaonna? no ricky? no beyonc

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Click on Audio, personally I love the song "Radio."
Movie "I Love Death" is also big-time ironic & cool.

Sincerely, Mr. Paul Hunt, I'd like to LOL as well
but if that was a comment to my message,
I don' know the names you quoted there
if not Madonna (without ao ligature :D

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sorry alessandro that last post wasn't directed to you (in particular) but addressed M. Alyce Barker's post concerning missing artists on this list.
Not to worry if you don't know who the artists i named are, as they're really mostly "throw-away pop" artists. altho i must confess i am a closet britney fan and ricky too.

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Lots and lots of good music that you folks enjoy. (:

For me, this week:
King Kooba "Indian Summer"
Grayarea's "Gravity" (getting a lot of play on KCRW)
Underworld, "A Hundred Days Off"
Weekend Players, "Pursuit of Happiness" (Rachel has such a wonderful voice [short clips if you're interested])

(I can loop both the Underworld and WP for hours and never tire of them.)

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I want to work where Magnus works

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Laughing out loud, Paul, laughing out loud.

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Monte Montgomery "Live at the Caravan of Dreams" best Austin guitar. Also Keller Williams "Laugh" can't get enough of Spring Buds and Kidney in a Cooler.

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Adding to the pile:

Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart
Hilary Hahn - Bach Concertos

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For who rocks the KRS.
The newest album is free for download from the
Temple of Hiphop,

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Speaking of music and... well in Europe it's time for the Eurovision Song contest, so if you're from Europe and got a TV set tune in, to see the dark side of music :-) But well let's see if I can get away with putting a little "air-time" here for my personal favorite (the German song's pretty rotten tough)

Enjoy... it's quite a fun one I only get half of it, but I'm sure the other half is in a language, too... not just lalaladeeduhm


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OK, these may or may not be representative, but they are what was on top of my CD player today:

Air: Talkie Walkie
Akvarium: Pesni Rybaka
America: Greatest Hits
Alan Parsons Project: I Robot
La Ley: Libertad
ELO: O (Boxed set, third CD)

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Wilco - summer teeth
Dylan - blonde on blonde
The best of the Smiths

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The Euro song contest.. tonight..

Morrissey should listen to Van Halen and 'JUMP' and get it over with.... he's a sorry bastard.. He was on Jonathan Ross last night.. what a tosser... or change is name to Mike Hunt.

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Since I have to be inside working on a project today (Saturday and it's sunny out) while my fianc

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> let come what may, I'll take it in stride.

That's admirable. Proactive tolerance-building.
Your fianc

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Hrant > I'm really enjoying typeradio thus far - tis a corker.

Vincent > He may well me a tosser, but you have to give the man some credit, he's written some fantastic songs. I'm a little gutted I missed the interview :-s Why was he so bad? Did he start waving daffodils in Ross' face? ;)

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I've been playing this song endlessly by DJ Shadow. But not the "clean" version: (iTunes required)

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Tom, I'm at work so no iTunes. What Shadow track is it?

Also, if you have Flash and go to DJ Shadow's site you can listen to some rarer, harder-to-find tracks.

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Chris: thanks for the site. Great stuff! I love the track "Mashin' On The Motorway" (Captain can call me DaDa)

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Massive Attack - 100th Window
Portishead - Live In New York

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> oooh, portishead. love them! >

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Yeah I really like the, I just got into them recently. Their dvd is real cool.

I forgot to mention The Chemical Brothers. They are probably my all time favourite group, so much energy, especially live.

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First time I saw Portishead was in a dorm room with a friend (who was lucky enough to have cable). We were watching some non-MTV music station, and this incredible live performance came on with singing and a DJ and amazing sounds we hadn't heard anywhere else. We were immediately transfixed.

I've got the CD of the performance, maybe it's time to get the DVD...

PS: Who is this doin' this synthetic type of alph-beta psychedelic funky?

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bob dylan. and wether you like him or not, you should definitely listen to that song.

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Portishead were brilliant! The pleasure was slightly dented when a guy at design school whispered 'It's good to make love to.' It took a while before I could listen to Portishead without getting nasty images.

The new 'The Streets' album is great!

DJ Shadow: A shame he isn't a part of UNKLE anymore. Psyence Fiction is probably one of my best CDs.

Yeah, I have a thing for concept albums...

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Haha right on with the chemical brothers lyrics :D

Yeah I would recommend the DVD, their music videos and some short films are on it too.

I loved how they end the concert with Strangers, and all the instumentals.

That bob dylan type thing is really cool!

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Here's another tidbit for you Shadow fans that you may not have heard about: March of Death, a protest song collaboration with Zach de la Rocha. It's a free mp3 download. Cool song, too.

EDIT - Hmmm. Just realized it's also on his site for listening, but you can't download it there, so this link isn't completely redundant.

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> now you guys are getting into some good ol' 90s stuff. i love the stuff yer namin. did anyone else listen to the dambuilders back in those days? >

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Okay, it's country: but if you enjoyed the final stage of Johnny Cash's career, Jack White (of the White Stripes) has seen Loretta Lynn through a similar career resuscitation. I've been listening to her new record over and over again, it's really good.

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And a 90s icon to match, Paul!
While we're at it: Lamb. Uhmmmm.
Moloko. Ahhh ha ha.

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I'm in hardcore font making mode and it's all Steely Dan/Donald Fagan driving the engine.

Gettin' it done!
Stuart :D

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Gettin' it done!

You go back, Jack, do it again... :-)

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UNKLE - Psyence Fiction is a great album, I picked that up recently.

"Theres a rabbit in your headlights"

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Yes! Supacool.
"Lonely Soul," I adore that
in the car,
in the night.

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Steve . . . any major dude will tell you . . .


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i love "rabbit in your headlights" just cuz it's so dark and features thom yorke, but my fave on unkle hasta be "be there" -- the version with the vocals.

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If you can get your hands on it, Shadow's Live in Austin is an excellent album. There's more turntablism than in his studio albums, but some of the tracks are indicative of his recent touring, where he's been mixing his own stuff. It's incredible to hear.

You'll get Preemptive Strike and Endtroducing with U.N.K.L.E. mixed together. There's also a lot of his earlier stuff, including the first record he ever made. It's pretty damn brilliant.

In fact, he's releasing a DVD, In Tune and On Time,(you can see the trailer here) that's got a lot of this stuff in it.

I swear I don't get paid to shill Shadow's stuff.

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I am Music, the most ancient of the arts. I am more than ancient: I am eternal. Before the earth began, I was already there, in the winds and in the waves. When the first trees, flowers and fields appeared, I was among them. And when man appeared I became immediately the most delicate, the lightest and the strongest way of expression of Man's emotions.

When men were little more than beasts I had an influence for their good.
In all the ages I inspired men with hope, set alight their love, gave voice to their joys, I made them happy for the courageous acts and comforted them in the desperate moments. I played an important part in the life drama that has for aim and goal the complete perfection of Man's nature. Through my influence, the human nature has been raised, mitigated and sharpened. With men's help I became an Art. I have a multiplicity of voices and instruments.

I stand in the heart of all men and on their tongues in all the lands,
among all the people; the ignorant and the illiterate know me as the rich and the scholar do because I speak to all men in a language they all understand. Even the deaf can hear me if he only listens the voice of his soul. I am the food of love. I taught men mildness and peace and I guided them towards heroic acts. I give comfort to the lonely and I harmonize the discord of the crowds. I am a necessary luxury for all men. I am Music.


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I just watched The movie "Gummo" the other day. Now I can't get this song out of my head: "Crying" with Roy Orbison. Also kind of makes me want to see Mulholland Drive again.

Oh and a little tip in case you didn't know.

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okay this might be the right place to ask this question:
i've been wanting to put together a country-esque mix with stuff that sounds country but reallys isn't. so far i have trax from beck, cake, gin blossoms, toad the wet sprocket, g love and special sauce and a few others picked out, but i need a few more to fill out my playlist. any suggestions?

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> Hey thanks Steve, but i was thinking more along the lines of rock band that you wouldn't expect to do country. for example, altho "Stickshifts and Safetybelts" by Cake isn't really a country song, it feels like it to me. And this isn't something that Cake really specializes in, so it's almost a kind of anomaly. Stuff in that vein. Oh another project

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Cut Across Shorty by Rod Stewart
Open Country Joy by Mahavishnu Orchestra
Most of Exile on Main St:
-Shake your hips
-Sweet Virginia
-Torn & frayed
-Turd on the run

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80s covers? There's lots of stuff.
Some interesting covers I remember:
- Coalchamber covering Peter Gabriel ('Shock The Monkey'),
- Get Up Kids (not my cup of tea, but anyway) covering New Order ('Regret') / The Cure ('Close To Me'),
- Teenage Fanclub covering Madonna ('Like A Virgin'),
- Lemonheads covering Suzanne Vega ('Luka'),
- Chicks On Speed covering B-52s,
- The Presidents Of USA covering The Buggles ('Video Killed The Radio Star'),
- Crash Test Dummies covering XTC ('Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead', originally released in '92, but anyway, it's a good song),
- Smashing Pumpkins covering Alice Cooper ('Clones'), etc.

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