Heroic Condensed by Silas Dilworth at TypeTrust

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Here's my latest, Heroic Condensed, a geometric sans in eight weights plus obliques.


...and the PDF...


Regular price is $240 for the 16 fonts set. It's on sale for $160 until June 11, 2008. Individual weights are half off.

About the typeface...

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Heroic Condensed is the graphic embodiment of the idealized, no-nonsense, narrow grotesque. From poster design to editorial layout, Heroic Condensed is intended for a range of uses—a worthy addition to any designer’s font collection.

Not just a quickly generated spin-off of a text family, Heroic Condensed has been crafted from scratch with a structural logic of its own: a fusion of pure geometry and optical balance. At its core you will find a geometric skeleton, but mathematics alone does not make attractive type. Heroic Condensed has been honed by and for the acute and sublime workings of the human eye. The finest adjustments have been applied to every curve and every angle of its letterforms for even color and visual equality across a versatile range of eight weights. Even regarding usability, Heroic Condensed exhibits technical refinement. With careful attention paid to the economy of metrics, the need for extensive kerning tables has been alleviated by a hand-tuned matrix of sidebearings in conjunction with already streamlined glyph designs.

Heroic Condensed is further bolstered with Opentype Small Caps, Tabular Figures, Fractions, and the standard TypeTrust character set which includes a full array of Latin diacritics.

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I absolutely love it. I might be able to use it for a project I'm working on at the moment, actually. Great work! :)

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