Frutiger Condensed Italic Font Pack?

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Maybe this is the wrong forum, but I have been looking for a Font Pack of just Frutiger Condensed Italics (Frutiger Com 48 Light Condensed Italic, Frutiger Com 58 Condensed Italic, Frutiger Com 68 Bold Condensed Italic, Frutiger Com 78 Black Condensed Italic, Frutiger Com 88 Extra Black Condensed Italic)
Does anyone know of such a pack?

I've looked on LinoType and, can't find a Pack of just that? (Am I blind??)

Any suggestions?


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I don't think there is such a thing.


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oh well

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doh, guess I'm buying them separately!

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I'd be surprised if there were a package with just italics. It seems to me if they make packages, don't they usually include the roman variant?

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