Security logo - what do YOU think?

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Hey there folks

I'm doing a logo design for a security company that offers security on a wide range of security-service for businesses and private people. They used to have a round logo and thats the only thing my client requested. Ive done a few different roughs for now. Let me know what you guys prefer or if you even like it.


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They're nice and clean, but I don't know if you pushed your ideas as far as they could go. I don't really read security in the top 2, the chain I kinda get, and the eye not so much. Have you considered a lock and chain perhaps or a shield?

The type is clean, but some of the letters need tweaked in the curved layouts. Specifically the M.

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The eye logos are way too close to CBS logos in my opinion (besides being a little creepy!)

I actually do like the more abstract nod to security of the top ones. Go too literal and you quickly look clichéd, IMO.

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definitely not the eye ... it is really creepy.

the chains seems archaic.

Really like the idea of the first ones.

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design

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Because the first ones are rotated, they look unstable, and thus don't convey "security" to me.

- Lex

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The top two are the best. They remind me of the internal plates of a padlock. Listen to Lex about the rotation, though.

Nick Hladek

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I think the top two look like a market or something of the sort.

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Hey Nick

It's on the point with the padlocks - I'll try to straighten them up so they look more stabil (thanks Lex - good point)...

I agree with the eyes though...that really don't work.

Thanks guys... I'll be back

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I say the top right, it's one colour, like a stamp or a medallion or something that has some weight.

The words I'd associate with security company are:

-encompassing (a circle is perfect for that)

best of luck, I'd really like to see more things along the line of the top-right all-black one

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I like the eye with the round text, with no box. I think if you give more blank spaces between the letters may make it readable. As for the eye, the light shape maybe angular, will make it angrier.

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I like the top one-color logo. Not rotated though and I think it needs work to move away from the 'market' look. Maybe add a shield as was suggested.

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Hey folks

Just wanted to thank you for all your comments. This job never went further than these first drafts but thanks anyway fellas.

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