40's fonts.

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a while back, I designed a web site for a group restoring a WWII Lancaster bomber. The site is due for some restoration, redesign and improvements. (they let the domain name laps)

Any suggestions for fonts?

web page text choices are obviously limited. So I just want it to be readable. A significant number of older viewers with dated operating systems.

In addition to the site, I'll also be addressing a logo (or, perhaps more correctly, a badge), various page elements, some banners, and some merchandise things (hats, mugs, shirts etc.), where I'll have more freedom to pick and choose fonts.

The airplane itself was built in Toronto in late 1944 and was in the Royal Canadian Air Force from 1945 to 1965. (interesting trivia: the Canadian-built Lancasters had round headed rivets, which made them 30MpH slower than their British-built counter parts with flush rivets.) It sat in a supply depot until the end of the war. In the post war years it was used variously in Cold-War anti-submarine patrols and search and as a rescue plane. It's being restored to 1945 condition and is and will continue to be an official war monument, so that's primarily the era I want to draw references from, with some things from the 50s and 60s thrown in for good measure.


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" I sat in a supply depot until the end of the war."
Jeeze, you must be tired of people asking you what you did in the war.;)


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sticky "t" key or cain't spell worf a darn?

the world will never know.


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Grot 9.

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Thanks, Nick.

MyFonts'\ "more like this" link has a couple of nice ones too.

Diner, off topic but about three years ago someone recommended your site for retro fonts. I looked at it, then promptly forgot the name and link and have been looking for it off and on ever since. Nice stuff.

Dave. :o) thanks for catching my typo. Nice thing about the first post is that editing it won't re-position it.

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