Original Joe's/Handwriting?

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Hello, I hope you don't mind me posting two images in one day...

I think this is over reproduced, and it looks handwritten. However, 2 i's look close.
Could this be a font? (pleeeeeez)


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This isn't it either, but you've got to love that lc E.

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two other similar ones:
Easter Parade and Famous Label

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Hey Misa,

It looks handlettered to me but also looks surprisingly close to my Cocktail Shaker font you can check it out at: http://www.chank.com/font_detail.php?sku=5388

A little pic for your viewing pleasure:

I thought I had created a two story 'e' for the font but alas I hadn't. They are a bitch to kern and often don't set well in a font. Perhaps the OT version may have it . . .

Stuart :D

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Yet another one: Schwinger

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No match yet, but there is a free font that has exactly
the same spirit.

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The perfect match keeps eluding us, but there's a few
lovely alternatives it seems. One more.

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