Proportions of armenian typefaces

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I take a part in a project developing Armenian alphabet for existing latin/multilingaul font family in order to expand its multilingual set. So I’m interested in the proportions of Armenian letters, especially comparing with Latin ones. I’ve learned just a couple of basics about the smaller x-height of armenian typefaces for the better readability. It’s not enough for a quality authentic font. I’ve got a copy of Mnatsakanyans “Haykakan Taratesakner” (1972), and another one from Gortsakalyan (1973). But the content of these books is considered to be “latinized”, doesn’t it? Could you recommend me any other literature about Armenian type design?

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I just found this thread (thanks to your Elien
one) so I don't know if it still matters, but:

Most of the work of Mnatsakanyan and others (certainly the crushing majority of digital Armenian fonts) are indeed highly Latinized, especially in the lowercase. I myself have worked a lot in the direction of aesthetic and functional authenticity of Armenian, and one quick thing I can refer you to is this:

If you'd like more please let me know.


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