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typotherapy+design, Keep Six Contemporary Gallery and the Festival of
Architecture and Design invite you to

MyType: An exhibit of limited-edition, new modernist posters by graphic design genius Noel Nanton.

Exhibition dates: May 2- May 18th. 2008

Featuring new fonts designed by typotherapy, eye-popping popsicle colours, bold abstract shapes,
and a very new take on classic modernist typography.

Starting with the premise that typefaces are as expressive as the words they form, typotherapy
has created a series of large-format posters that explore the relationship between positive and negative
space. Letters speak, and if you remove them from the constraints of sentences and even words, they
have a language of their own.

MyType uses the craft of typography to find new ways of speaking
using fonts famous and unknown including Helvetica, Avant Garde and
typotherapy creations like Tomeri and VWmobile.

For more information visit: and
For more new modernist design genius, visit:

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Checkout Mytype time. Every minute get a new image in this fun clock.

typotherapy+design put on a show of eye-popping type-based posters called MyType. The show featured posters of original typefaces designed by creative director Noël Nanton. The limited-edition posters reflecting his own, very new take on classic modernist typography.

Download it for free.

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