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Hola, just starting out with a new font idea, here's what I have so far, just some simple bezier curves in Illustrator. Any feedback or ideas, there is a lot of work still to be done. MachineMan Curves

Oh and great forums by the way!!!! I just found this site, and I'm whiling away my lunch hour as we speak (or as I speak rather)

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Nothing here especially sings to me, and it could stand a little cleaning up, but I'd say it's
worth tinkering with. I'd start by thickening up the lines. It looks like your i has disappeared?
Maybe in making the graphic?

Half of the bottom of your s is gone too. That makes it unique among this alphabet. (The c
does it too, but at the top, so the theme isn't nearly as obvious, if you see what I mean.) Do
you want to include more of that theme? If not, then I probably wouldn't apply the idea to
only one letter. I'd either develop it more or eliminate it.

The lower half of your g looks too deep to me, like it descends too far.

But then, I'm a rank amateur around here. There are lots of other folks who have lots more
experience and critical acclaim for their work than I do.

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