(x) Winnie the Pooh font - Hunnypot (proprietary) {Paul (self)}

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Hello folks,

A client thinks this font is called "Hunnypot" and I recognised it as the typeface used on Winnie the Pooh merchandise. Am I right? If so, is it commercially available or known by another name because I can't find it anywhere.

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At a cursory glance, it does not appear to have been inspired by any of Ernest H Shepherd's original artwork. So I therefore conclude that it cannot be associated with Edward Bear, AKA Winnie-the-Pooh.

Please note capitalisation and hyphens.

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I am thinking more of the Disney

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If that's the case Paul, I shall have to start a campaign against this font , once we've ID'd it.

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It seems your client is right about the name.
Disney have a Flash game here which uses this font.
It's called HunnyPot-DemiBold in the .swf file.

(Evil Disney sacrilege, mutter.)

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I think this is a proprietary typeface. Makes sense.

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