Fontlab opentype features

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I have a little problem in the opentype pannel.

when I want to create something like

feature xxxx {
sub by ;
} xxxx;


it makes a fatal error
–FATAL– aborting because of errors:
syntax error

It seems that my folder /Library/Application Support/FontLab/Studio 5/Features/fontlab.fea 3] is empty.

do you know if it s my empty folder that bloks everything. How can I get the features?

Thanks a lot for helping me.


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Perhaps that's because

feature xxxx {
sub by ;
} xxxx;

is not a valid syntax ...

Try this instead -- custom ligature:

feature liga {
sub D a v i d by D_a_v_i_d;
} liga;

Be sure to create the 'D_a_v_i_d' glyph in your font. Compile, save as TTF or OTF, type your name into any sane program. Look, it's your name!

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