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Ok. I have a lot of trouble with this. I don't know which
are the correct settings in FL to make this stop:

I think it has something to do with these settings:

Can anyone tell me the correct settings to output a
TT font and a PS1 font for Mac? It is really starting
to get on my wick, and reading the manual isn't
much help. I still don't "get it!" Thanks.


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Kris -

The problem may be more complex than the setting you
mention. In fact, your settings are correct.

Aside from appearing out of order in the InDesign
glyphs window, I'm assuming they appear out of order
when you type as well? Can you post a screenshot of
the whole font as it appears in FontLab? I'm guessing
you're character assignments are out of wack.

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Thanks Eric.

When I type in InDesign, there doesn't seem to be any
problem. Except when I output in unicode, the d and q
go elsewhere! Two shots of the font window, one in
name, the other unicode - look at the d & q do silly

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I'm stumped on this.
Aside from switching the offending characters into
the correct slots and ensuring they're coded correctly by
punching in the proper Unicode values...
You need John on this one.

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Have you tried creating a new file and copying all the glyphs to it?

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