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I have a somewhat random question for the Spanish-speakers out there. When referring to packaging, as in packaging (graphic) design, Spanish, is it just called "packaging"? Or is it more formal to say something like "embalaje"? I'm designing a bilingual portfolio. All the design blogs and articles that I've ever read in Spanish just say "packaging", but I'm wondering if that's the term I should use for the Spanish portion of the portfolio, too.



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In Italian we use "packaging" ; "imballaggio" it is more of a, say, operative term, something like "bagaglio" when referring to a small traveling bag or suitcase.

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Not a simple question as the answer seems to vary depending on person and region. Like you mentioned a lot of people say packaging, but that's often used to sound more cool than proper.

A survey of possibilities: envase, embalaje, empaque. I would personally go with the former if you can stick "diseño de" (~ design), but my opinion is hardly authoritative, I asked around to double check and got different answers from all, but those were the three recurring ones. If you have to use it alone I would probably go with empaque.

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As guifa mentions, your mileage may vary from region to region—vocabulary in Spanish is extremely geo-dependent. However, as a Puerto Rican recently living in New York, I'm partial to 'diseño de empaque', for what it's worth.

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I always remember hearing differences of opinion on Spanish translation. There were 2 guys from the east who spoke a Caribbean version of Spanish and a women from the southwest who spoke a Mexican Spanish. They never seemed to agree on the translation. We were trying the impossible task of having a universal Spanish translation. Your best bet might be to go with the region you live and work in. If your audience is New York, perhaps the typical Puerto Rican way is best, for LA, perhaps the Mexican preference would be best?


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Thanks for all the input.

I know, I was worried about the regional thing, that's why I was wondering if there was something more proper. I am currently located in San Diego, and got most of my Spanish education here, but then I also lived in Spain, so my Spanish is more Spanish than Mexican. But I know if I move to another part of the country, NY for example, that will change things all over again. Empaque sounds best so far... I'll keep asking around and try to figure it out.

Thanks again.

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