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I´m choosing a typeface to design a signage system. It is a Gallery of Art founded by John Ruskin and, I am looking at Humanists typefaces such as Johnstons, Eric Gills and Frutiger as well. They are easier to find.

My favourite choise is Bliss designed by Jeremy Tankard, do you think that I could just buy one of his typefaces and use a stroke in Illustrator to create a bigger weight if need it? This project is just to be presented at my degree.

Sorry for my grammar mistakes! and Thank you for any feedback


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well..people is not bother to give me their impressions.
Hope you were able to understand my point because I am aware that my way to express myself in a different language is hard sometimes.

Sorry if I have bother to anybody

By the way, I´ve decided to choose Frutiger with a hint of Edward Jonhston


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Laura, I would never suggest using a stroke on a typeface to add weight. In doing so you are ruining the original curves. Of course, some have done this for affect and it does work, but in this instance I think there are plenty of weights available that you might not need it.

I forget is this for a student project or work? Too lazy to go back to email. ;^)

Bliss is a more refined (non-derivative), some might say, version of Gill Sans. Can you show us some of the work used in the exhibit or tell us more about the space, colors to be used, etc?

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Thanks Miss Tiffany,

yeah it is for a student project and I cann´t afford to buy the type though i´ve mention Bliss and Arrival on my research development.

The Gallery shows Fine Art and Illustration work.

Well, as you can see. They use New Gothic Font. The Wayfindin to Ruskin Gallery is just "doesn´t exist". The whole university started as "School of Art" in 1858 but, just recently has changed its name to Anglia Ruskin University.

This is one of the reasons for what I thought to give it a more personal look to the signage would be appropiate it.

At the moment, I´m trying to simplify this idea, make it more contemporary but with a hint of the Arts & Crafts Movement.

Thanks for your time :)

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