Paper (neobond, munken, zanders, amber etc.)

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Horses for courses -- I choose from a fairly limited selection based on criteria like ability to hold a colour image, opacity, flexibility at the printed size (bigger usually=heavier). I have a few rules, like try to stay over 150gsm if there's going to be 4-colour (otherwise you get a lot of show-through), but cost comes into that eqaution as well. I try to persuade people that a 64pp book on good paper is better than a 128pp book on poor paper (I deal with artists' books, so there's usually flexibility on the page length).

I tend not to think in brands/types but in terms of coating and colour. Do you need triple-coated (for colour images, it helps, but single-coated can look more 'bookish')? How does the cover stock look with the text stock? A heavy, uncoated cover stock can look great with a really high-gloss text stock.

One I like for text just now is G-Print: holds a colour image well but has a pleasing texture and a consistent single coating. Doesn't feel too plasticky, like many of the double- or triple-coated stocks.

Of course, plastickyness can be exactly what you want sometimes, in which case Zanders Ikono does the trick.

I'm just musing here as I'm finishing my morning coffee. Somebody else join in and shut me up.

(btw when I say 'text stock' here I'm using it to mean basically 'as opposed to cover stock'. I know it's nicer to read text on a buff uncoated stock -- I just don't usually have that option).


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Vera Khlebnikova, Moscow
19 July - 21 August
5 weeks (Hohensalzburg Fortress)
Drawing - Collage - Book Object

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Robert thats the spirit - great!;)

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