versions of Baskerville Book?

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I posted this in Design, but it occurred to me that this might be a better place:

Can anyone tell me about the differences (if any) between the Adobe version of Berthold Baskerville Book and the BQ version? I’m currently using the Adobe (for book text, 11/15), but I need OsF and real small caps, so I want to buy the expert fonts that include them. I’m wondering if I should just buy the expert add-ons, or whether the BQ version of the rest of the font would be worth it, too. I’m wondering, is the kerning any better? Are there additional ligatures? Also, I find the em-dash on this font to be quite small. My proofreaders mistake it for an en-dash, and I’ve had to swap out the em-dash for another font. I wonder if it’s any bigger in the BQ version.

I tried emailing the US Berthold vendor, but they don’t respond.

Many thanks!

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Heather, I prefer Stormtype's version of Baskerville above all others. Their Baskerville 10 sets nicely.

As for Adobe vs BQ, I do like the BQ version at smaller sizes, but the emdash is actually smaller in the BQ cut.

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