(Huburt Jocham) A hard man to pin down

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This is a rather random post. I'm trying to purchase a typface from the man himself but am having great troubles along the way, debit card denied and the site contact form not working either, to mention a few.

Firstly - Hubert if you pick this thread up, could we perhaps talk to resolve this as i need the typeface as a matter or urgency?

Secondly - if any one is in regular contact with him could you mention this, or if any one knows of any alternative contact details?

All help is greatly appriciated


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I just told him over iChat. Help is on its way! :^)

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Hello Luey,
I am very sorry the font purchase did not work.
Please try again. I have sent aou an email with a procedure attached. Sometime it is only the expiring date.
Yesterday I had problems, because for some strange reason my providers server was on a spam blacklist in the USA.
So some emails could not be delivered. I hope this helps.

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Thanks to Bald Condensed, appreciate that.

and Thank you hubert, i shall follow the procedure, and see how it goes.

Many thanks

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Dam! sorry Hubert, no joy.

I have detailed things in a reply to your email.


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