Guardian Egyptian Released

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I'm a bit surprised that I haven't seen a post around here about it yet (unless I've missed it), but according to Mark Porter Guardian Egyptian is now available for licensing.

Nothing's changed on Christian Schwartz's site (nor on Paul Barnes'), but I assume updates will be forthcoming. I also assume that although Porter only says "Guardian Egyptian," the entire suite (Sans, Text, Agate, etc.) will be available. But you know what they say about "to assume" ...

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I assume the Dagbladet asked Christian for Guardian Egyptian directly, but I'll ask him for a confirmation.

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I think Porter jumped the gun a little bit because he saw an early edition licensed to the Dagbladet. The Guardian family will be available from Commercial Type (Schwartz's and Barnes' foundry) sometime this year.

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Finally, the Guardian family is available for licensing:
Commercial Type website is up and running!
What a super website! Well done guys! :)

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