Typophile Celebrates Two Years

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On April 18th, Typophile celebrated its two year birthday. In the last two years, we've played grateful host to a melting pot of type aficionados, made up of design professionals and students of typography from all across the globe.

At launch in April 2000, we yielded some 17,000 hits, which we thought was pretty good. We now enjoy over 220,000 hits a month, with a cumulative total of over 1.4 million hits since launch- and traffic continues to increase each month!

Many of you have shared with us your feedback, which has been overwhelmingly positive. We've taken the liberty to post them for everyone's reading enjoyment. If you look carefully, you'll find some of Typophile's most prolific community members.


Typophile owes its success to all of you. We certainly couldn't do this without your continuing support!


Jared Benson
Joe Pemberton

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