Moti Bili — Logo Design for Clothing Company

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Here is a logo design I'm working on for a UK based clothing company — Moti Bili. I'm told by the client that Moti Bili translate to "Fat Cat" (Arabic maybe?). Since it's a clothing company the symbol must be very simple as it will be printed at very small sizes (tags, etc...)

I'm working on a few concepts at the moment, this one is probably the furthest along of any. I thought it would be a good time to get some feedback and suggestions. Right now I'm open to anything from what you see when you look at the symbol, to small tweaks (add to the "catness"), fonts, etc...

Thanks for looking!


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nope, doesn't work in my opinion, as above ... it's overkill.

Paul Ducco
Motion Design

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Certainly you can't have both the logo and the logotype both have tails together.

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Simpler is stronger.

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I liked the type moti bili on the first one but it read as motibili and not as two words. I'd suggest simplifying. and when you see the cat with it's back it looks like a rose until you look at it twice.

Not a fan of the scripty font just doesn't read well.

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Paul Ducco
Graphic Designer
Short Film Festival

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The message I was pointing at is no longer with us.

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I think the concepts with Grover looked the best.
"I do hope my client appreciates the smooth paths, clean shapes, etc..."
I think that version had a nice correlation between mark and type.
The new font is too loose, it makes me want to see a scruffy looking cat.

I was wondering though, if the mark could become a bit more fluid and elegant,
by extending the length of the negative space made by the tail. It has the added
benefit of making the tail appear to come from where it's supposed to, rather
than like it grew out of the side of the cat.

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Please let this thread die - this project was completely over a year ago. Look at the dates; see how it leaps from May 2008 to March 2009?

A spammer revived the thread by posting a junk comment, the moderators deleted it, and now people are posting again as if it's a current project.

Let's move on, shall we?

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Question for Mr. Rose about this logo, which I had downloaded from a random blog and recently discovered to be his. Is there a way to contact him directly? Thank you

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