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I'm very new to this forum. Hello to everyone.

For my final work (bachelor) I made a geometric sanserif typeface, for which I created 3 posters. I wanted to use typofoto as it was a technique widely used in the 1920's, the 'time' of geometric typefaces. After reading LetterLetter I also wanted to imitate the look of the first specimens from the 18th century. I used photo-etching, made plates, printed and used photoshop to layer them. I wonder if I achieved the right effect and ask for some help - I would like to make it look more 'nowadays', but don't really know how to do that. Any comments?

Posters are on these links:




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I'd love to see these larger. Especially that last one.

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Bigger sizes of the first 2 are on my blog:

I changed the third poster. Here it is in a bigger scale:


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