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Hello, Its my first time here very exciting. I was making this logo personally I dont like it but I am not sure if I dont like it because its for me considering we are our worst critics so I was wondering what you thought about it or if you can make any modifications of ideas youve, feel free. I was thinking in making it a lil stronger...


Its for a Wireless Internet Service Provider Red means Network in spanish and the W stands for Wireless.

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Hi Benjamin, I'm also new here. Seems like a nice place.

I think the logo has potential, I like how the connected cells make up a W, perhaps the strokes should be slightly thicker as it could cause problems at low resolutions. Also I'm not keen on the typeface, I think it needs something stronger to go with that logo, maybe a really simple sans serif?

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Benjamin -

I like the icon form you have created - but it seems to be working against the typeface you have chosen. Perhaps something that compliments the round shapes in the icon a bit more? I do appreciate the fact that the word "Red" is presented in the color blue.

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