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I am just about to release a font through a large font supplier and they have sent me their standard EULA. They have been very helpful but I just thought I would have a quick check as I don't know much about the subject and also feel a little snowed under by the amount of information out there!

Should I use the font suppliers EULA?


Should I try to create my own EULA?

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Hi Joe,

I think this is a long discussion. By using the serch engine above you can find many topics about EULAs here in Typophile Forums.

I particulary use the MyFont's standard EULA and I never had any problem.

I think this is a matter of 'how do you want people using your fonts'. If you find anything that you do not agree or that you think it could be a little different in any standard EULA, I encourage you to modify that points before licensing your fonts.


Ricardo Esteves Gomes

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Every EULA is a little different. It really depends upon what you want to do with your fonts and how you want (don't want) them used. I don't think I've read their EULA. A direct link to their EULA would be good so we can read it and comment specifically about it.

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Thanks for your feedback, its good to know you use Myfonts, as thats who I was planning to go with. They are very helpful whenever you contact them. I have had a look through their license and it does seem reasonable.

Miss Tiffany

I don't have any particular use for my font in mind, it is my first font to be released and is a bit of an experiment into commercial font design. Hopefully it will sell and therefore be worthwhile! Thanks for your help.

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Hi Tiffany,

Here is MyFont's standard EULA:

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