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I am wondering about best practices of creating logotypes using a selected font. Is it acceptable to use a font in your logotype without any modification/customization to the typeface? I’m sure this is not a best practice but do most designers typically follow this rule and to what degree is this looked upon with disapproval?


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There are no rules. You'd best make sure it's OK per the EULA but otherwise there are plenty of logos that just use fonts. Creating a custom logotype would be more original, but it's not frowned on (at least by me) to use a font as is.

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The fact of the matter is that any one can run off a unmodified typeface for a logotype. By adding decoration or embellishment one can start to form a logotype of distinction.

But by all means its not frowned upon, certainly not from my point of view.

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IIRC one must customize the lettering in some way to trademark a logotype in some nations.

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