Time Lapse Illustrator - The Science Machine

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It's a "long" video (6 mins), but really cool to watch this design come together. Very high levels of detail, and most of it free handed. Wait till you see the part were he makes the girl and her cat.

Total time was about 40 hours over a 6 month span.

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Yep, had to email that one to everyone I know. I'm pretty sure I suffered a seizure somewhere in there. The best part about the girl and the cat is how small they actually appeared in the layout.

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I was more impressed that he freehand drew everything, especially the cat and girl. I'm not much of a freehand illustrator, so I'm not sure how difficult it would be for someone who knows how to do it well. To me, it would have been incredibly frustrating.

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I can just see "the boss" ranting over the amount of time taken to build the cat and girl, with such detail, and then using them at such a tiny size. Onscreen they are practically invisible. I wonder if the quality matters in the full sized print.

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That was mind-blowing.

I think I'm gonna have a cool drink of water, then look at it again -- and this time, my neighbours are going to hear I like it! How can you even work with such a beat in the background!?

(Technically, I'm very impressed with the incessant zoom-in-detail-zoom-out routine. I tend to focus on tiny details for hours, only to find it looks like cr*p in a larger view.)

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