Adding aalt (VOLT)

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How do I add the aalt feature?

feature aalt {
feature locl;
feature onum;
feature case;
feature frac;
feature calt;
} aalt;

Do I copy the lookups? For example, the local feature is local_MOL and the lookup is sub Scedilla scedilla by Scommaaccent scommaaccent

Access All Alternates < aalt >

Thank you.

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No experts around here today? ;^)

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You might have more luck asking at

I have no idea how to search past threads. Perhaps Si can share some hints on how to take advantage of Live Search.

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There is no need to duplicate lookups, just drag same lookups into your feature, the same way you would associate lookup with feautres in different scripts or language systems:

OpenType layout does not allow to references between features. Your example is only AFDK syntax to include all lookups from one feature to another.


P.S. There is no search available in MSN Groups :(

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