Stephen Fry & the Gutenberg press

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A BBC documentary on the Gutenberg press, presented by Stephen Fry.

It's been all over the web, but I don't think it has cropped up here yet -- & it strikes me as something of interest for here. Go watch it on Youtube before it gets removed:

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You shouldn't underestimate Typophile!
It was featured here before, and it was here first (well, almost): Gutenberg documentary on BBC tv tonight :-)

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Well at least I posted a link to the full Youtube playlist *raises eyebrow*


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Thank you for posting the YouTube link. Now those outside UK can see it, too. I missed the link in the original thread.

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I am ecstatic to present you the links to the whole documentary that I just found. As you know the BBC doesn't give it up for free for non UK residents:


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