Very low hyphens in a monument

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This is the text on a monument ("Keisarinnan kivi") commemorating the Russian Empress Alexandra's visit in 1833.
The hyphens in it are in an unusual place, never seen anything like this anywhere else.

PÄÄ-KAUPUNGISSA (nowadays we write it together without hyphen)

I suppose the months were treated like this to avoid repeating the word kuussa

Was this the way to deal with hyphens in 1830's, or is this an odd one out?

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I’ve never seen a hyphen quite that low before, either.

Being Danish, I can understand why they wanted to avoid repeating the word kuussa, though.

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Does "kuussa" mean something in Danish I don't want to know?

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Well, not kuussa per se; but kusse (which any Dane will immediately think of when seeing the word) is the Danish equivalent of vittu, except coarser.

So probably yes.

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Re to avoid repeating the word kuussa

Maybe the manufacturer charged per character, and they already had back luck with the year. Three triples in Roman numerals, that’s unfortunate. ;-)

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