Beaux-Arts Style Font

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I would appreciate suggestions for a Beaux-Arts style font. My client would like me to create a logo that utilizes a Beaux-Arts style font… a font that has a 1930s look to it but not an Art Deco font.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.

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If you can link me to some examples, I can be of more help.

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You could also think of Victorian style, maybe turned up a bit.

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If you want to reflect architectural lettering, any good Roman majuscules will probably do the job—Trajan and Big Caslon are both very similar to lettering on the two great beaux-arts buildings here in Washington.

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Take a look at Font Bureau's Meyer Two and see if it suits your needs at all. It's 1920s/30s period without being geometric Deco.

-- K.

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Thank you. All the suggestions were very helpful.

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