Interior Design Logo Critique

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Current rendering of business card. This logo would be carried throughout my resume, portfolio, and website. My Initials are J.A.S, hence the design.

I'm a recent Interior Design grad and I have gone through so many redesigns that I am looking for some outsider critique!



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I like the concept. I feel that the bottom right of the 'S' shouldn't be so thick, and the top right of the 'S' should be a bit thicker. Perhaps also make the texture in the background more subtle?


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I think ... whatever you end out going for ... make it for real. Build a physical model of it, photograph and use that!


Or ... Jas ... presuming it could be pronounced jazz ... interior design, jazz up a room -but don't use that cause it sounds lame, I just think there's something in it.

Paul Ducco
Logo Design

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