i need a little help. and also a little challenge for you all

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I don't know much about fonts and i'm looking to find a perfect font for a site. i figured you might be able to help me.

What i want is a font that is creative and interesting abut still has a serious-profesionall look about it. something that says, we are creative but we're also very serious in what we do. and i hope it's free :)

If anyone can think of anything,thank you very much. i'll be around here regularly.

Looking forward to your ideas,rayne.

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Kontrapunkt is free and well suited:


Check it out their site.

Mikey :-)

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It’s also extremely overused, especially in small(ish) businesses, though even some larger corporations. At least, that’s the case up here, but this is sort of ‘ground zero’, so it might well be different in Romania.

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no. i belive romania is no different. but it;'s a nice font i must say it fits the description but i want to have a few options to choose from. see how it all works out. any more ideas?

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Kontrapunkt is used a lot (I use it on occasion) but I'm not sure I'd call it OVER used. It's a face with some style but not over-the-top, either.

Rayne...the catch is your throwing out some rather vague adjectives. The main contradiction is 'professional typeface' and 'free'. Combining those two together severely limits your options list.

That said, Jos has gifted some wonderful free typefaces to the world that I think would match your criteria:


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