Emigre Vista Slab and Narrow...

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These are really cool additions to the Vista family— Slab and Narrow:



Mikey :-)

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Dupré strikes again. Great stuff. I'm sure any similarity is unintentional, as Vista Slab comes directly from the very original Vista Sans, but the Slab could be considered a contemporary Officina.

Vista Slab

ITC Officina

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As usual, Dupré's italics are really great. Vista Slab: that's probably the most natural looking double-story italic 'g' I've seen.

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Thanks Coles for your observation. I would have not readily correlated a Officina and Vista slab. Nice catch.

Personally, looking at the two designs here, I would say that Officina is a little bit more well thought out in terms of low-res printing and reader cognition. Notice the inktraps on the r, a, u, and the p. Also, the diacritics seem a little bit more friendly to the designer short on vertical space. Vista Slab looks more like a stylistic expansion as opposed to a learned industrial-strength compact multi-use type system. (Of course, I don’t know what I’m talking about, but anyway)

Nevertheless, I’m totally digging it. You like the lowercase italic g, I love the lowercase italic x and k.

Mikey :-)

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Thank you Mickey & Stephen for your accurate comments. I'm fully agreed.
The comparison with Officina is not a surprise because Vista Sans was inspired by Spiekermann shapes - like Meta - and when I added serifs to Vista Sans, I kept in mind Officina but I deliberately didnt oserve it and tried - in vain - to forget it.

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