Logotype for fashion label

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I would appreciate some critique on this logotype. Especially on the kerning, i know its not perfect, but kerning script fonts like this can be a bit tricky. The face is Emily, and it was going to be used for a female fashion label.

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The U looks a bit like an A in my opinion, maybe the left stroke should echo the right? But thats to do with the face im guessing.

Also think the U has too much space, perhaps straightening the strokes will help to judge the kerning better, especially in proportion to the Ls and G?

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Thanks for the advice.
I straightened the stroke of the u, and it worked out quite all right. I also closed the counter of the g.
It still needs a lot of cleaning up though.

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I would like you to look at making the graphic underline a heavier or lighter weight. You need some separation from the name. You have made the graphic as important as the name, Not a great idea. Think about it.

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Cheers Dan.
I'll give that a go. Initially I went for a kind of monoline feel, but I see what you mean and I believe it would improve it.

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...On second thought, Uhmm??

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imo the original weight was better. i'm going back and forth on the simplicity of the stroke or the extra swirl. I might go without it.

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I think it's the B ... but the whole thing seems to be swaying right.

not sure the descenders of the B and g being different heights and counter sizes is helping.

like the direction though.

Paul Ducco
Logo Design Melbourne

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I like the original, but see the the 'u' is a little off. What about making the curl tighter? (I also like the second.) I do like the new resolve on the 'rg' pair though.

The first solution, with the large exiting swash balances the B. This is a logotype, no? Don't box it in too much if it is screaming to be free.

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IMO, the ascender of the B should follow the shape of the L.

I hope this helps.

- Manuel

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Thanks a lot everyone. :-)
Yes Miss Tiffany, it is a logotype. Do you reckon it would be better to drop the underline??

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I liked the underline as you had it to begin. The swash was a nice way to finish the underline and balance the B.

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The way the underline is broken by the g bothers me. This is a quick and (very) dirty example, but maybe the idea is worth exploring?

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I like where this is going. Keep it up!

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I was going to comment along the lines of Eileen. Right now the bottom of the B and g are too close. There needs to be more of a difference (ala Eileen's suggestion)

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But I think have the underline intersect with the g breaks the shape.

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The second one you did is the one I like best. The only thing that bugs me is the shape of the scroll underneath. I started wondering if the scroll itself could be the underline and did some experimenting:

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Very nice, Russ, I really like your improvements! It has a much more cohesive feel.

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brilliant work Russ

just the rg thing nowme thinks

Paul Ducco
Graphic Design Melbourne

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That is nice. I still think the underline should be swashy. But, don't you feel that now you've added weight the bottom bowl of the g? You've basically filled it with white. Or am I thinking too much?

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First I would like to say the development of this logo on the thread is very interesting.

The only concern is how this will look on a reduced on a fabric label, will it be too thin?

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sorry to butt in with questions but fashion label is very vague.

Could you give us anymore details about it?

High street, female/male, street, plain etc ...

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The way the underline is broken by the g bothers me.

Hei Eileen, This is very nice. I really like the way this is going. Nice solution.

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Also A big thanks to everyone who have picked up on this thread.
I am really busy at the moment, but will try to keep you posted as development progress.
Should say that this is still not a live brief yet(kind of a pitch at this stage), however with your help i believe it might go live.
Cheers everyone

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The second one you did is the one I like best.

Hey Russ
I really do like your way as well, I am thinking now of something between yours and Eileens.

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