(x) Charmed TV series opening credits - Mason, KopyKatKutt {J Edward Sanchez, CreeDo}

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Hello everyone!

This has been bugging me to no end for Y-E-A-R-S!

Does anybody know what font is used in the opening credits of the "Charmed" TV series?

Video of the opening sequence at this link:

Charmed Season 8 Title Theme

The font is used for the initial "CHARMED" at the beginning of the sequence, then used for all the actors' names.

I've searched on and off for years and have always come up empty. Tried Identifont, no match.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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Seems to be a mixture of Mason and something else.

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Correct. Mason is the font used for the "as Piper" portion of the credits near the end.

Every other text in the title theme is one different font which is the one I'm trying to identify.

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the font is called KopyKatKutt Bold. See here:
It's tough to find online and I don't think it's for sale. Bummer. I did find a standard ABCDE sample sheet but it's probably frowned upon to link to that? Anyway I'm sure you can google at least that much.

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> I did find a standard ABCDE sample sheet but it’s probably frowned upon to link to that?

As long as you don't link to pirated fonts or illegal clones frowning will be moderate.

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Okey doke, thanks :)

Hope this helps then -

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...Now to find a way to get it... I have a feeling that this will be difficult.

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