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Hello fellow typophiles.

I am researching an article for a graphic design magazine about monograms and would love any thoughts you have on the what makes a good one, how and where they should be used, your opinions as to the best ones out there, and of course your own.

Thank you,

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If they are made with more than two glyphs we can call them logotypes.

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Dare I say, Harold Lohner of Harold's Fonts may have this category wrapped up . . .

Check out the Mongrams category:


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There are two books published by Dover (though I don't know if they are still in print) that show lots of examples:

Monograms and Ciphers, designed and drawn by A.A. Turbayne. 1200 designs. Originally published in 1906.

Monograms and Alphabetic Devices, by Hayward and Blanch Cirker. 2500 illustrations. Contains the unabridged contents of four books published in the nineteenth century.

The second one especially has some incredible stuff in it.

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