Happy-Looking T-Shirt

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I can't really tell how the lines should be spaced, especially the spacing between "geese" and the next line. I'd also appreciate critique of the kerning.

I had originally planned on using animals whose names happened not to have descenders, so I had to change the design a bit when geese suddenly became funny at my school. I sort of like the descender, but I feel like I need to fill some of the space to its right.

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The thing that strikes me most about your design is not the line spacing but the hierachy; 'geese' which i am assuming is the important bit plays second fiddle to the 'I "club"'. The descending sizes as you go down the page are also slightly reminiscent of an eye test poster which is a little odd.
With the spacing of the last line have you considered not having the 'for "diamond" "diamond"' below the main body of the line as to my eyes it throws the whole thing off balance.
Hope this helps.

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I like having the top line smaller. I had tried making the bottom lines one before and hadn't liked it, but I like it now. This may be partly because there is clearer contrast between the two parts of the sentence now that the first two lines are the same size. Here's a version with two lines at the bottom in case anyone wants to compare.

I used a slightly darker color for the second part of the sentence in the version where the second part of the sentence is one line because I was copying it from another version that had a slightly darker color. Now that I've tried it, I actually like it slightly darker; are there any guidelines about whether or how much to make small text darker?

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