(x) Pier Paolo Pasolini - Clarendon {Mark S, Metadox}

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this is a still taken from a pasolini film. what typeface is it and is there a comparable digitized version?

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I think it's probably a very blurred Clarendon.

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Mark nailed it fairly close. Here is the same text set in E+F Clarendon Bold with a mild Gaussian Blur to approximate the light bleeding through the film. The counter of the 'O' is still different and other characters seem wider in the original.

Clarendon Blurred

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I thought it might be Volta Regular, but the relative widths of the characters don't match....

You might want to try out URW Clarendon Light Extra Wide T (isn't that a mouthful!?).

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Yeah, this is pretty darn close: URW Clarendon Light Extra Wide, with 3 pt white stroke originating from the center:

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Ah, that's much better...

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