Church Logo - Your Thoughts Would Be Much Appreciated

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Hello everyone,

This is a logo that I'm working on for my church (translated from Romanian as Independent Baptist Church). I’d greatly appreciate your input in this design.

Some additional information: the church is conservative, yet friendly. The “tagline” to go with the logo is “Building on the Word” (a reference to the Bible, obviously). The font I’m currently using is Amerigo BT.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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The open book part is a nice mark. Have you played with flatter ends on it?

The serifs on Amerigo are sharp and angular, they don't seem to compliment the open book. Since all the letters are connected,my eyes want to see the letters spaced a little further apart. I had to read it twice before I actually figured out what it said. Something about the N and A forms an M to me

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I had the same problem with the N and A. I read them as an M.

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Thank you for your comment. Do you think Amerigo is not a suitable choice for the logo? If so, what would you recommend? I will try to space out the letters a bit and repost the image. It’s interesting that you were unable to figure out what it said at first glance. Of course, you don’t know the language, but this gives me valuable insight.


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Alright, I increased the kerning (I know, not by much...). This is a "quick fix".

Jonathan, thank you for pointing that also.

I'd say the most important thing in the logo is the open book - I'd like to keep that concept. If it creates too many problems around the N and the A next to it, I'd rather try to find a different face, than scrap the book idea.

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I'd try one option with more rounded serif, it's hard to judge in my head. Have you tried adjusting the curves of the book so that they form the center crossbar on the E as well?

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Yes, I've tried that, but the curve is too tall and looks odd - also loosing the book resemblance. I will try to change the typeface and see how that works.

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beautiful logo, nice touch with the slashed text (well, not slashed but an open book. I read it as not just an open book, but openness towards outsiders or ideas and people.

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