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I'd like to know which color combo seems the best for my personal business logo. I am currently in a class and this design will be submitted as a part of an assignment, but I also plan on using it later for my website and/or business.

Also, if there are any other suggestions (other than color) they are certainly welcome.





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#1 for coherence. Using more colors than you need just clutters it.

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Could it just work one colour?


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Here's a B&W version. I forgot to post it before.

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I like #1, for the same reasons cerulean mentioned.

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I like 1, and the b&w - I think the main appeal of the latter is the unstroked text, which weakens an otherwise strong logo.


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Ya the b&w is my favorite by far.
Did you ever consider colouring the black cat part of it insted of the letter forms?

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ooooh, B&W is the best by far! yum!

I'd just watch that you place the exact same width between the stroke of the 'c' and the 'c' and the 's'

Right now how close the 'c' and the 's' looks awkward in relation to the rest of the logo

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Defo the black and white version, but I'd try doing one in 2 colours as well but without the stroke round 'catsam'.

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I agree with Pepper. The b&w version but in 2 color / no stroke. I also agree the 'S' sits a bit too tight in the 'C'. Check it out at small sizes.

I would go with a vivid second color - like green for a black cats eyes >

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I prefer everything about the b&w version - how about bringing back in the color without messing with the type or the shapes?


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You might get some inspiration by going to Kuler

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I would get rid of the overall stroke. Since it's a playful brand you could use a happy color like this green. You could play with the bottom S in order to achieve a tail of the cat :D

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Ahaha! ilovecolors: Your colour versions remind me of

and not that that's a bad thing either.

Personally, of all I've seen I think this last post is hitting something gold, the left-most one is wonderful.

What I'd try, is pumping up the letter-spacing on the word ‘design’ so it's the same width as CATSAM, but without being the same height.

best of luck!

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I like the B&W and the Green & Black. The stroked type confuses. Cool kitty :-)

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When I first saw it, I thought it reminded me of something... but I've just noticed that it looks like the Cat Adoption Team logo from Jeff Fisher.

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Hmmm...wondered where the traffic to my blogfolio was coming from...

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