Paradigm: $9/$59

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Paradigm is available from Shinntype.

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This is an interesting pricing strategy, Nick. Hope you'll share (at TypeCon?) the results.

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Just for my own understanding: are "tabular figures" and "proportional lining figures" two subsumed types of "lining figures," or is that three different animals?

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Just for my own understanding

There are two different ways of describing figures (as represented by Quark XPress and InDesign), and I've mixed them up in that chart, which isn't correct.

The icons are supposed to represent the four figure qualities:
Proportional, Tabular, Old-style, and Lining,

rather than the four instances:
Oldstyle Proportional
Oldstyle Tabular
Lining Proportional
Lining Tabular

So to indicate the four instances, I should have done this:

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Thanks for the clarification.

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