FontLab Grey Arrows?

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I am completing a font which I have traced in Fontlab. I am currently trying to clean up the font, removing overlapping points etc, and I have noticed there are lots of grey arrows on some glyphs. (See image)

Can somebody tell me what this means and what I should do about it.

Also is there a way of removing single points or incomplete paths automatically?

Thanks in advance!

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They show the direction of the curve, clockwise or counter clockwise.

In FontLab you can optimize the curves automatically, to get rid of some stuff. But be careful if you have delicate shapes – they can be distorted or become something you didnt expect.

Under the meny "Contour" you have different choices that has to do with the curves and to clean them up, correct etc.

Try them a little and you'll see what they do.

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PS. You dont have to do much about them if you fonts looks OK. But if you have black where there should be white, you should change the direction.

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Ok thanks for your reply, I understand what you mean.

Is there any specific feature that allows you to select single points or non-closed points. Its difficult to see this with the eye as some glyphs have up to a thousand points.

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Do you mean single points that are not part of the vector? In that case, you can select the glyph parts with the magic wand and then cut them out (. Then delete all points that are left in the glyph box (as they are not part of the glyph). Then just paste the glyph back.

Open countours you can close with the command "close open countours" I guess. I always do this manually, but I have never worked with a traced letter, maybe there is a lot of extra points then?

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That sounds like it could work, I will give it a try. I am just about finished the font now.

Thanks for all your help Goran!

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