Progress in T-Shirt Design

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I need to figure out color. I don't know whether I want white text. If I use white text, I'll need a hot pink rather than lighter pink shirt, so the red diamonds and hearts may not show up well. I also won't be able to print at Skreened. I'm probably sticking with gray type, light pink shirt and printing at Skreened, but I don't know which gray to use.

I don't really want to use animals with the letter "t" because I don't like the lowercase t in the main font I'm using (Catholic School Girls). I've never designed type at all, but I tried making a ligature, and it came out terribly.

Actually, that font isn't quite what I want exactly anyway. Maybe I'll try Handsome Pro.

Designing this is quite fun though.


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The principal announced that students caught throwing projectiles at the geese would be punished.

I need to do something about the descender and the lack of "i"s. Hmm...
I kind of like this.

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