Soho Gothic - Versatile & modern sans

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Hello all,

My new typeface Soho Gothic was released this week.
I did a promotional animation intro which you can
see here, along with a comprehensive pdf:

Press release here.


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Hi Seb,

Is there anyway we could see or hear about your design process for this?

There looked to be some interesting drawings at the start of the animation. Nothing else really related to the typeface really for the rest of it.

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I'd love to hear what your main inspiration & references were!


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Hi Höfe. Yes, the promo isn't a showcase. It's supposed to be a striking,
cinematic introduction/teaser. The intention is it makes an impression,
because it's unusual, and generates interest from a wider range of web sites.
Too early to say whether it's working but wanted to try something different.

The pdf shows of the design well, I hope, and has some notes at the back.
Obviously the press release has information relating to the design.
Anything else you want to know just ask.

>I’d love to hear what your main inspiration & references were!

Hi Kris. In some respects it's like Neo Sans, which I designed,
with the curves taken out. Not all the curves obviously.
That would be hideous, but enough to make the design a bit
more versatile I think.

So the same things that influenced Neo. Gerard Unger's
excellent open designs like Argo, Dave Farey's Cachet, etc.
It's more industrial looking than the former and less curvy
than the latter.

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Great work again...

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Very cool. If only I had known six months ago, I would have interviewed you for my thesis!

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Thanks Chris and James.

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