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Hi everyone.

I'm doing some research regarding newspaper design. I was asked to help someone clean up a monthly newspaper about Wine.
They are currently using Times New Roman for the body text and Futura for titles and so on.

Can anyone recommend a serif typeface suited for the body text that would also include Romanian diacritics/accents ? As well
as a sans serif typeface that would work with it ?


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The ideal newspaper text typeface to handle Romanian diacritics would be Greta, which Peter Bil'ak designed specifically to overcome problems with setting heavily diacritical languages in newsprint. To go with Greta you could try Bil'ak's Fedra Sans. There are terrific display versions of both Greta and Fedra on Typotheque, as well, that you could use to replace Futura.

But really, a bit more information on the newspaper might be useful. Who is its target audience?, How does it perceive itself?, etc.

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Greta does look like a nice font. Be aware that it *looks* like it doesn't set as many characters-per-pica as Times (few fonts do), so if space is an issue, you might have to make some compromises.

Another consideration is whether the newspaper is to be available in PDF format. Some foundries prohibit embeding the font in a PDF, some allow it with restrictions, some allow it but require a further license.

For example, Greta's EULA is livable; they do allow embeding the font in a PDF (with a quite reasonable restriction), but it looks like an extra license is involved.


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