Which rasteriser? A hinting question.

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I've found this thread of great comfort in my first Type 1 hinting foray, but I'm a bit confused by the FontLab Preview of the rasterisation. Or at least which is worth paying most attention to.

The three provided are Apple, Adobe and FreeType, of which Adobe and FreeType offer anti-aliased views. I assume that each displays the rendering intention of the respective engine -- Though I'm not sure why Apple's is aliased only or Adobe's is one model despite their applications each rendering type differently*. Also I'm assuming FreeType is an open source type engine. Is it used on GNU/Linux?

Anyway, besides the seemingly random inclusion of these three, what would be the best one to pay close attention to? Or should I be flicking between them all? Or none of them? My worry is that they are very different and adjustments for one seems to mangle the output on the others. Is there any hope of really predicting what will happen out there in the real world on different systems? Or is it more a question of faith?

Also, I'm surprised there is no emulation of print rasterisation -- though I suppose that isn't too easy on-screen.

*I'm guessing these are the only licensed engines FontLab can use.

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Maybe it's a mystery to all. I've individually applied T1 hints to each of my 400 glyphs (less the comps) and my money is on faith.

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