(x) Cimatics 06 AV Festival - ITC Avant Garde Gothic {Jan E, Mili}

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I posted this question in this morning at I Love Typography, and one person said that someone in this forum could surely help me! So.... SOMEBODY! PLEASE! HELP! (I NEED SOMEBODY!LOL)

Can anyone say what type is that?


I just can’t say! I’m getting twist and shout!)

ps: my girl is listening to beatles.. I couldn't resist!

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Similar to Avant Garde Bold.

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Avant Garde Gothic, or pretty close to it.

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Avant Garde Roundotted, lol.

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what is with the 'i' in Belgium?... weird. The '0' confirms Avant Garde Gothic. and it is bold

what searching did you do before you posted, did you go to http://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/
or any other foundries, this is a easy font to recognise

when I was a student I would endlessly try to find typefaces myself, the journey to identifying them was great, discovering other typefaces on the way

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Michael Place [build - wearebuild.com] likes to customize his type so my guess is that this is the above mentioned Avant Garde Gothic with some custom works.

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"Avant Garde Roundotted, lol." LOL

Wow, this WhatTheFont is great!

I started to think that maybe its a specific customization for this work. I don't know..

Anyway, the paralelism of A and V is so perfect! And the AvantGarde is not like this! Not in a large size. This made me remember again the 'specific customization'.

But nothing I couldn't do! Thanks for the help!!!

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