Bitstream releases Kloi BT, an OT display font designed by Boris Mahovac

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April 10, 2008, Bitstream Inc. released Kloi BT, a font designed by Oakville, Ontario-based Canadian designer Boris Mahovac R.G.D. of

Boris Mahovac has adapted a friend's handwriting in this new font called Kloi (pronounced Chlo - ee). It has a very casual feel and includes alternative swash glyphs of some key characters as well as some extra ligatures.

Taking advantage of the ligature and contextual swash features in OpenType, the alternate glyphs automatically replace the standard glyphs when appropriate, creating a very unique look.

Kloi BT is Boris Mahovac's second font design released by Bitstream, after Tabita BT, another free-form display typeface was released in 2006.

Kloi BT is available in PostScript OpenType format. Kloi’s extended glyph set covers the Western and Central European, Baltic and Turkish languages.

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Happy to report that Kloi BT made it to "Starlet" status on

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Kloi BT is now available at the regular price of $35 from

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